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The time I was forced to go on vacation

2 Jun , 2016  

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So it was Sunday night and I was supposed to be off in two days and we had booked nothing with no idea what to do. “Am I going to end up wasting my precious vacation?” I dry sobbed.

We live in a strange time.  Digital technology has enabled us to shrink the world, and at the same time, make things seem so far away.  I can consume whatever I want, from wherever I am, and the itch to travel will subside a little.  And still, I stare with googly eyes at beautiful, amazing far off places that I feel like I’ll never be able to go to, because just getting there will take 3 days, and there’s no way I’m wasting a 2-week vacation with 6 days in transit.

I don’t know when I started limiting myself to only considering 2 weeks of vacation at a time.

But taking any more time seems…irresponsible, yanno? And playing catchup upon return makes my insides shrivel. So the unused vacation days accumulate.

Until your job changes its policy so that you can only carry over so many days, and if you don’t use the rest of it, poof! Those unused days will disappear.

So there I was, a week of vacation to use before May 31, and a looming deadline for a project that has been beating me up going live on June 1 and oh god, I was just SO NOT READY for a vacation.  #firstworldproblems

Part of me was in denial.  Somehow, I’d be able to make everything run smoothly enough to be gone for a week right before project launch. #miraclesdohappenright

So I procrastinated.  I’d spin my wheels during the day. At night, I would plan awesome adventures and then tell myself to wait until I knew what would be happening at the office before booking anything.

Road trips from Utah to Oregon.

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National park hopping in Wyoming.

Driving the iconic Route 66.

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Hiking in Montana.

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We live in a strange time. The world was at my fingertips and I choked. I stared at abominable ticket price after abominable ticket price and panic began to surge. It was two days before we were supposed to leave. No sign of that “last minute pricing.”

So E suggested the only thing that would make sense with the time that we had left.  “Disney it is,” he said. I glanced sideways at him, thinking he must have been joking.

I thought about it a little more.  Flight and hotel packages were cheap. I didn’t need to plan anything because, um, theme parks. And it seemed that a made-up world would be perfect to escape the things weighing me down at home. Besides, I had friends who had a pretty awesome time going as adults.

“Disney it is,” I agreed.

Most of my friends raised their eyebrows at me when I told them.  “It’s just that it’s so not you.”

But hey, we live in a strange time.

Itinerary: Two Weeks in China
The Time I Celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi

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