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The Time Marking Waffle’s Addiction to IKEA

23 Jan , 2016   Gallery

When you hear the word IKEA, what comes to your mind? Cheap furniture? Nightmares of putting together said-cheap furniture? Minimalist Scandinavian Design? A maze in which you can’t seem to get out of? Richest man in the world? Swedish Meatballs? …or Breakfast during Roadtrips? I’m not new to eating at IKEA, and neither is any of us on […]

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Belgium, Lynn, Roadtrip

The Time We Drank Our Way through Belgium

16 Jan , 2016   Gallery

Ah, Belgium. Ah, Beer. Sometimes I wonder if there’s a correlation between the country’s name starting with a B, and its capital and one of its most well-known tourist spots also starting with a B. The day we arrived in Bruges, the first stop of our roadtrip, it was raining hard and the guys were unprepared for […]

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The Time Some of Us Relayed Trip Planning

12 Dec , 2015   Gallery

It all started when one of my good friends, Matt, finally agreed to my begging of him to come visit me in Paris in 2013 and asked our friend lePMP (you can read it by adding an “i” in your head as we move along this series) to come along. At first neither of us thought lePMP was […]

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Roadtrippin’ Paris to Bene(no)lux Itinerary

3 Dec , 2015  

Dates Travelled: October 10, 2013 to October 15, 2013 Number of days: 5 Cities Travelled: ~6 Bruges, Brussels, The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Zaanse Schans, Delft Series tag: Bene-no-lux2013     Day 1: Paris –> Bruges (Brugge) Drove to Bruges Shopping for warm, dry clothes Bruges Markt Square and Belfry Tower 2be Beerwall Den Gouden Harynck Day 2: Bruges –>Brussels […]

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The Time We Didn’t Really Wine Taste in Australian Wineries

11 May , 2015   Gallery

This series of Australia 2013 is finally coming to an end. Even if you’re not tired of reading it, I’m a bit tired of writing it and am about ready to start writing about another trip! For the last entry of the series, I will briefly talk about our little experience with Australian wineries. I’ve […]

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The Time I Got Kicked by a Kangaroo [Kangaroo Island]

22 Apr , 2015   Gallery

If there were a survey for the game Family Feud on the topic “Things in Australia,” I guarantee that the ones worth the most points would be “Kangaroos” “Koalas” and…well actually I couldn’t think of a third, maybe “spiders” or “surfers” or, as Waffles puts, “poisonous s***” So when I found out that Waffles was going to Australia for work in 2013, I […]

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The Time We Drove Down the Great Ocean Road

5 Apr , 2015   Gallery

The first time I heard the word “sublime” was in first year British English Literature Survey class where my prof spent a long time trying to explain to us dumb first-years, in as simple language as possible, what British Romantic poets were trying to convey in their poems when they encounter greatness. She used Niagara Falls as […]

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The Time We Stayed Overnight in a Jail (Roadtrip Stays)

30 Mar , 2015   Gallery

In March 2013, Waffles and I took a trip to Australia, which included a pretty long road trip. In total, we stayed in about 7 different places over the course of 12 days, varying from hotels, motels, apartment hotels, hostels, Air BnB, to crashing  at a coworker’s aunt’s house. I’ve summarized below all the places we stayed in […]

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The Time I had a Panic Attack in the Rainforest [Erskine Falls]

20 Mar , 2015   Gallery

After staying four days in Melbourne, we were ready to hit the road. Our goal was to drive through the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide, then take a Ferry to Kangaroo Island. The plan was to take our time. Our first stop was the Split Point Light House in Aireys Inlet, which is about 1h30m drive from […]

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Roadtrippin’ Victoria to South Australia Itinerary and Gallery

28 Feb , 2015   Gallery

Dates Travelled: March 17, 2013 to March 30, 2013 Number of days: 15 including flight, 12 days not including flight (4 days in Melbourne, 8 days on the road) Cities Travelled: ~15 Melbourne,Yara Valley, Angle Sea, Apollo Bay, Port Campbell, Mont Gambier, Beach Port, Warrnambool, Timboon, Cape Otway, Tantanoola, Adelaide, Kangaroo Island (Kings Kote, American River, Penneshaw) Series Tag: Australia […]

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