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The Time Marking Waffle’s Addiction to IKEA

23 Jan , 2016   Gallery

When you hear the word IKEA, what comes to your mind? Cheap furniture? Nightmares of putting together said-cheap furniture? Minimalist Scandinavian Design? A maze in which you can’t seem to get out of? Richest man in the world? Swedish Meatballs? …or Breakfast during Roadtrips? I’m not new to eating at IKEA, and neither is any of us on […]

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The Time We Took a Sleeper Train to Xi’an

17 Oct , 2015  

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what gave me the idea of going to Xi’An. I knew that I wanted to take Waffles to Taiwan, and I knew that I wanted to go to a place I haven’t been before and Beijing turned out perfectly as a cheap stop-over – but I wasn’t sure if going […]

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The Time We Stayed Overnight in a Jail (Roadtrip Stays)

30 Mar , 2015   Gallery

In March 2013, Waffles and I took a trip to Australia, which included a pretty long road trip. In total, we stayed in about 7 different places over the course of 12 days, varying from hotels, motels, apartment hotels, hostels, Air BnB, to crashing  at a coworker’s aunt’s house. I’ve summarized below all the places we stayed in […]

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The Time I Wandered (Mostly) Aimlessly for 4 Days [Melbourne]

12 Mar , 2015   Gallery

In 2013, Waffles had a worktrip to Melbourne and I decided I’d tag along and we planned a roadtrip around it. But before the roadtrip, I decided that I had wanted to spend some time in Melbourne to discover the city a little. I had about four days there on my own while he had to […]

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The Time We Spent a Week Eating Out of a Cooler

5 Mar , 2015  

So here’s the thing – at the beginning of 2013, my boyfriend had the opportunity to travel to Australia for work. I was jealous. I was so jealous that I decided I was going to buy a ticket and follow him there whether he likes it or not…thankfully he didn’t mind. The problem was, the plane […]

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