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The Time Our Car Rolled Down a Hill [Monaco]

21 Jan , 2015   Gallery

In November 2011, six months after we did our first drive in Glasgow, we spent a week in Cannes (we have a friend with a seaside view apartment), rented a car and drove along the Mediterranean Sea daily, going further and further each day. This was still not a traditional road trip, as we stayed […]

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Roadtrippin’ Cote d’Azur Itinerary and Gallery

20 Jan , 2015   Gallery

Dates Travelled: Oct 26th to 31st, 2011 Number of days: 6 Cities Travelled: ~9 Cannes, Nice, Mandelieu, La Turbie, Monaco, Saint Raphael, Ventimiglia, Genoa, Lucca Series Tag: cote d’azur 2011

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The time we lived with no sun in the polar night

16 Jan , 2015  

Most people I know enjoy sunny destinations. The kind with beaches and palm trees and oceans. So when people asked me why in the world I wanted to go to the arctic in the dead of winter when there was no sun, no palm trees, and frigid ocean, I started to question myself too. Of […]

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Intro to Road-Trippin’ (and Scottish Sheep)

10 Jan , 2015  

In April 2011, my boyfriend Waffles and I took our first roadtrip together in Scotland, though I would hardly call it a road trip. Wiki tells me that a road trip is “a journey taken on roads. Typically, road trips are long distances traveled by automobile” but our drive was simple, we flew into Edinburgh, spent […]

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The time I went dogsledding in Norway

10 Jan , 2015  

Having a large, unknown dog jump up to greet me in the face was startling. I can’t help it.I’m a city girl. Most of the dogs that I’d encountered in my lifetime were limited to pets and service animals. That is to say, most of them were friendly, but detached.

And here I was, about to hand my safety and wellbeing over to eight hyperactive huskies.