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Itinerary: Two Weeks in China

11 Jun , 2016  

The First Time I _____ Alone
The time I was forced to go on vacation

Dates Travelled: April 11, 2013-April 23, 2013

Number of days: ~13 including flight, 11 days not including travel time

Cities Travelled: ~4  (Shanghai, Wuhan, ZhuJiaJiao, Hangzhou)

Total Personal days: ~6 days

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 Day 1-2 – Paris to Shanghai to Wuhan

  • Arrived in Shanghai at 7am Pudong Airport
  • Flew from Pudong to Wuahn Tianhe Airport at 11am
  • Checked in at hotel and wandered on my own
  • Had dinner with my friend

Day 3 – Wuhan (武漢)

  • Took boat across the Yangtze River/Chang Jiang (長江)
  • Ate and walked around Hubu Alley (户部巷)
  • Toured the Chang Jian Bridge and  Yellow Crane Tower (黃鶴樓)
  • Took a boat and went parasailing in East Lake (東湖)

Day 4 – Wuhan to Shanghai (武漢 –> 上海)

  • Had lunch with my friend in Wuhan before flying

Day 5 – 9 Shanghai (上海)

  • Work!
  • Took an afternoon on last day to walk around and buy tickets to Hangzhou


Day 10 –  Shanghai to Zhujiao to Shanghai to Hangzhou
(上海 –>朱家角–>上海–>杭州)

  • Express bus early morning to Zhujiajiao
  • Walked around, rented a boat (my third boat now) (not the last either)
  • Afternoon tea
  • Express bus back to Shanghai (cold and wet and had to buy a sweater)
  • Bullet Train to Hangzhou

Day 11 – Hangzhou (杭州)

  • Rented a bike and biked around West Lake (西湖)
  • Got on another boat (last one I think)

Day 12 – Hanzhou to Shanghai (杭州–>上海)

  • Walked around and shopped for souvenirs
  • Bullet Train back to Shanghai

Day 13 – Shanghai back to Paris

  • Sad
The First Time I _____ Alone
The time I was forced to go on vacation



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