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5 Reasons You Should Skip Myanmar…For Now

12 Feb , 2016  

I recently did a quick round-up of why you should visit Myanmar right now. A lot of it was focused on the tourism sector’s relative infancy compared to other well-beaten paths in South East Asia.  For some people, the new-ness is a draw.  For others, it could be a drawback. Just as a precursor, this […]

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The Time Marking Waffle’s Addiction to IKEA

23 Jan , 2016   Gallery

When you hear the word IKEA, what comes to your mind? Cheap furniture? Nightmares of putting together said-cheap furniture? Minimalist Scandinavian Design? A maze in which you can’t seem to get out of? Richest man in the world? Swedish Meatballs? …or Breakfast during Roadtrips? I’m not new to eating at IKEA, and neither is any of us on […]

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The Time Some of Us Relayed Trip Planning

12 Dec , 2015   Gallery

It all started when one of my good friends, Matt, finally agreed to my begging of him to come visit me in Paris in 2013 and asked our friend lePMP (you can read it by adding an “i” in your head as we move along this series) to come along. At first neither of us thought lePMP was […]

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7 reasons why travel is the best education

15 Oct , 2015  

I feel like I should preface this post with a shining endorsement for academic institutions.  So relax, parents, school is great. But there’s more to life than grades, you know? Despite having only seen a fraction of the world so far, every new place, new flavour, different culture has left a mark on me, which […]


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How I survive long haul flights

30 Sep , 2015  

Planes have come a long way from when I was a kid.  Personal entertainment units packed with movies, tv shows, and games to suit a variety of passengers is so much better than those crummy fold-down 15” communal screens we used to rely on. But if you’re anything like me, you can only sit still […]

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How to care for yourself when you get sick abroad

30 Aug , 2015  

Pre-sick Jo. So young. So carefree. She was about to enter a world of pain. It happened the day after I came back from a night in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Despite my best efforts and precautions, I woke up at the crack of dawn with my stomach cramping like ohmygodtoiletnow. We were scheduled […]

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What I Ate in Taipei

15 Aug , 2015   Gallery

It’s inherently obvious that I like identifying as a Taiwanese and I like being identified as a Taiwanese – mainly because Taiwanese girls are known to be pretty (though I don’t actually look like a typical one), Taiwanese people are known to be warm and friendly (though I’m irritable and snappy), and Taiwanese food are […]

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How to travel for business and pleasure in a carry on

30 Jul , 2015  

My hair is stick straight.  I can sleep with it in a bun overnight, blast it with heat, roll it, flatten it, stick pins in it, tie it up with socks (seriously, that’s a thing.)  Give it two hours and it will look like nothing has happened at all.  The fact that my hair is […]

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The Time Waffles Raced to the Great Wall Train

14 Jun , 2015   Gallery

When I was younger, I often attributed line-cutting to people from China. I still remember the shock I experienced in the airport bathroom in Shanghai when I patiently waited for a stall to open, only to have the person who came in behind me dash to the stall before I even got a chance to see […]

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The time I hunted for a wheelchair-friendly room in Canada

5 Jun , 2015  

Dear Jo.  We have no rooms for you #SorryNotSorry. I have so many of these replies sitting in my inbox.  Canned responses from hotels, motels, inns and b&bs across the eastern provinces of Canada. Empty and soulless emails sending rejection after rejection.  All I’m trying to do is book accommodations for tourist-happy eastern Canada. And […]