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The Time I Flew Solo in South America: Part 1

10 Dec , 2015  

When I started to plan my trip to South America, the first thing most people would say was, “Awesome! Who are you going with?” When I said I was travelling alone, their next statement was usually, “Really? Wow, that’s really brave.” Brave? Me? Hardly. There are countless reasons why people travel alone. For me, it was […]

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The best day hikes I’ve done (so far!)

10 Mar , 2015  

I love hiking, but I don’t share the same fondness for camping.  Enter the best compromise:  Day hikes!  Some are half an hour, some go for the better part of the day, all of them are suited for the novice hiker, and they all make sure you’re back in time for a marvelously warm shower […]

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