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The time I explored a chain of volcano craters

23 May , 2015  

There’s something alien and otherworldly about the way the earth looks on Hawaii Island’s Volcanoes National Park.  In some places, you’re surrounded by lush greenery. The ground is so hot that it’s literally steaming. In others places, black gravel cuts through swaths of land, leaving barren nothingness in its wake and trees stripped of bark. Gigantic […]

Hawaii, Jo, N. America, Outdoors, USA

The time we could’ve swung Tarzan-style into a freshwater pool

5 May , 2015  

…But we didn’t.  And there’s a good reason for this, as much as that rope was calling for me to grab on, swing and yell from the top of my lungs. On a sunny day in late April, E and I drove a half hour from Honolulu to Pearl City, Oahu.  We were on a […]

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Adventures, Hawaii, Jo, Outdoors, USA

The time I made two mistakes on Koko Crater Trail

27 Apr , 2015  

“No worries, my young supple joints are taking these steps no problem!” The last part of my words hung in the air, taunting me as I took a step down, my foot landing awkwardly, bringing the rest of my ankle to land on the ground with it. There was instant realization that I would not […]

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Itinerary: One week in Oahu, Hawaii

29 Mar , 2015  

I am so excited to get going on my first trip of the year!  Now that E is in school, our vacations need to be timed to when he’s on a school break, which limits us to April, August, and December.  And April just happens to give us the perfect time slot to fit one […]