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The time I couldn’t decide between Hong Kong and Colombia

13 Sep , 2015  

You know when someone’s like “Quick! What’s your favourite food!?” – because clearly this is a matter of complete urgency – and too many choices flood your mind at once? Mine would be cheesecake, by the way.  No, Cheetos. No, popcorn. No, chips.  No, anything with cream cheese icing. No, udon from my favourite udon […]


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The time I got a tattoo in Hong Kong

16 Feb , 2015  

Years ago when I was a teenager I wrote in my diary that if I died, I wanted all the names of the people who were important to me tattooed on my back.  Morbid as it was, the idea stuck with me through to adulthood, and I decided that this idea would become reality. I […]