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The time we rode camels into the Sahara Desert

4 Dec , 2015  

A camel gets up butt-first.  That was one of my first lessons in camel-riding when I was pitched forward as it rose off it’s hind legs.  The only thing that stopped me from an embarrassing tumble headfirst was the camel unfolding its front legs to help me regain balance. Then we were off, walking into […]

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Adventures, Africa, Jo, Morocco, Outdoors, Travel tips

How to care for yourself when you get sick abroad

30 Aug , 2015  

Pre-sick Jo. So young. So carefree. She was about to enter a world of pain. It happened the day after I came back from a night in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Despite my best efforts and precautions, I woke up at the crack of dawn with my stomach cramping like ohmygodtoiletnow. We were scheduled […]