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The Time I Flew Solo in South America: Part 1

10 Dec , 2015  

When I started to plan my trip to South America, the first thing most people would say was, “Awesome! Who are you going with?” When I said I was travelling alone, their next statement was usually, “Really? Wow, that’s really brave.” Brave? Me? Hardly. There are countless reasons why people travel alone. For me, it was […]

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That Time I Took a Wrong Turn and Drove around a Glacier

4 Aug , 2015  

I’m terrible at reading maps. I’m in my 30s and still confuse my left with my right. Being directionally challenged is one of my charming little quirks (at least that’s what I like to tell myself) and it made navigating around the Golden Circle in Iceland more exhilarating than I could have ever imagined. M and I […]

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The time we got drunk at Disney World

7 Jul , 2015  

It’s practically a given that all of us, at one time or another, have uttered the five words: “Let’s go to Disney World!”  When we’re kids certainly this is a no-brainer, however as we get older we start to assume more and more that there’s nothing entertaining for our older selves there.  As one of […]

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The Time I Went to an Abandoned Cooling Tower

12 May , 2015  

This was the typical conversation that I had with my friends and co-workers: “So what are your plans in Seattle?” “Well, I’m going to visit my friend who’s moving and help him pack. Probably hit up a lot of the coffee joints, and um (pause), go to this abandoned nuclear cooling tower.” Yup.

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