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The Time We Ate Poon in the Netherlands

22 Feb , 2016   Gallery

Although the breakfast at IKEA was ingenious and delicious, it, of course, was not the only thing we ate on our roadtrip. In fact, as I had mentioned before, it was so rainy in the last leg of our trip that we didn’t get to do much, except eat. After we left Brussels, where we […]

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The Time Marking Waffle’s Addiction to IKEA

23 Jan , 2016   Gallery

When you hear the word IKEA, what comes to your mind? Cheap furniture? Nightmares of putting together said-cheap furniture? Minimalist Scandinavian Design? A maze in which you can’t seem to get out of? Richest man in the world? Swedish Meatballs? …or Breakfast during Roadtrips? I’m not new to eating at IKEA, and neither is any of us on […]

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The Time We Drank Our Way through Belgium

16 Jan , 2016   Gallery

Ah, Belgium. Ah, Beer. Sometimes I wonder if there’s a correlation between the country’s name starting with a B, and its capital and one of its most well-known tourist spots also starting with a B. The day we arrived in Bruges, the first stop of our roadtrip, it was raining hard and the guys were unprepared for […]

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The Time We Paid Our Respect to the Umbrella Graveyard

17 Dec , 2015   Gallery

After taking out a week or two of your precious vacation days, carefully planning a trip, booking an expensive ticket to cross one of the great oceans, the worst nightmare any traveller can have is rain – all trip. While it’s raining hard, you can’t live with yourself if you stayed in your hotel all day […]

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The Time Some of Us Relayed Trip Planning

12 Dec , 2015   Gallery

It all started when one of my good friends, Matt, finally agreed to my begging of him to come visit me in Paris in 2013 and asked our friend lePMP (you can read it by adding an “i” in your head as we move along this series) to come along. At first neither of us thought lePMP was […]

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Roadtrippin’ Paris to Bene(no)lux Itinerary

3 Dec , 2015  

Dates Travelled: October 10, 2013 to October 15, 2013 Number of days: 5 Cities Travelled: ~6 Bruges, Brussels, The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Zaanse Schans, Delft Series tag: Bene-no-lux2013     Day 1: Paris –> Bruges (Brugge) Drove to Bruges Shopping for warm, dry clothes Bruges Markt Square and Belfry Tower 2be Beerwall Den Gouden Harynck Day 2: Bruges –>Brussels […]

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The time travel meant more than going somewhere

14 Aug , 2015  

E was driving again.  I stared out the window as the scenery whizzed by and rain spattered the windows. So many abandoned houses begging to be explored. Random photo opportunities peppered the rolling hills. Dirt roads wound their way up hidden driveways, full of mystery and intrigue. But this wasn’t the trip for it. My mom […]

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That Time I Took a Wrong Turn and Drove around a Glacier

4 Aug , 2015  

I’m terrible at reading maps. I’m in my 30s and still confuse my left with my right. Being directionally challenged is one of my charming little quirks (at least that’s what I like to tell myself) and it made navigating around the Golden Circle in Iceland more exhilarating than I could have ever imagined. M and I […]

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The time I explored an abandoned oil refinery in California

22 Jun , 2015  

I am naturally an introverted person.  I chicken out of situations beyond my comfort zone, or ones that require me to break rules, or ones that make me the centre of attention. My first instinct is usually to run. This doesn’t go well with my streak of wanting to explore abandoned places. They’re usually boarded […]

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The time I explored a chain of volcano craters

23 May , 2015  

There’s something alien and otherworldly about the way the earth looks on Hawaii Island’s Volcanoes National Park.  In some places, you’re surrounded by lush greenery. The ground is so hot that it’s literally steaming. In others places, black gravel cuts through swaths of land, leaving barren nothingness in its wake and trees stripped of bark. Gigantic […]