About Lynn

Day job: Program Manager

Lives in: Paris, France

Grew up in: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Born in: Taipei, Taiwan

Age Group: 25-34


Things you should know about my posts:

Countries Visited According to TripAdvisor’s Travel Map: 37 as of June 2016

Cities visited According to TripAdvisor’s Travel Map: 377 as of June 2016 (but my boyfriend says I cheat because I add cities like “Theale, UK” or “Richmond Hill, Ontario”)

Travel style:

  • Budget Economy – budget hotels, private room hostels, air bnb’s, economy seating (I’m thrifty, not cheap, yo!)
  • A lot of roadtrips (my boyfriend likes to drive and I like to sleep)
  • Business trips (I usually extend my trips over a weekend, or I tag along to my bf’s business trips)
  • I walk a lot and eat a lot on my trips (I hate cabs and I don’t even know why)



  • My boyfriend and I combine our photos so I just pick the nicest ones to go up, I don’t really know who took what but he has an DSLR  and an iPhone 6, and I have a Canon point and shoot and a Galaxy S5
  •  Generally unedited because I’m lazy…


I’m also on….